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domingo, maio 21, 2006

The Philosophy Of Time Travel - Chapter Four: The Artifact And The Living

When a Tangent Universe occurs, those living nearest to the Vortex will find themselves at the epicenter of a dangerous new world.

Artifacts provide first sign that a Tangent Universe has occured.

If an Artifact occurs, the Living will retrieve it with great interest and curiosity. Artifacts are formed from metal, such as an Arrowhead from an ancient Mayan civilisation, or a Metal Sword from Medieval Europe.

Artifacts returned to the Primary Universe are often linked to religious Iconography, as their appearance on Earth seems to defy logical explanation.

Divine intervention is deemed the only logical conclusion for the appearance for the Artifact.


Blogger Extravaganza said...

Vi ontem!!!

9:52 da tarde, maio 21, 2006

Blogger Zorn John said...

ok, ok. Put down the IV kit, now! Take the blue pill! Take the blue pill!

3:43 da tarde, maio 22, 2006


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