In the end it's all nice

sexta-feira, março 30, 2007

surprise.sometimes vs DJ Drago 29.03.07 - Funicular

beirut.scenic world
camera oscura.come back margaret
pavement.we dance
deus.sister dew
jesus & mary chain.just like honey
albert hammond junior.back to the 101
eels.novocaine for the soul
metric.poster of a girl
the shins.australia
trash palace.venus in furs
swell.sunshine everyday
the spinto band.oh mandy
arcade fire.keep the car running
rem.crush with eyeliner
cold war kids.hang me up to dry
tv on the radio.dreams
pj harvey.working for the man
depeche mode.useless
who made for rent
the rapture.pieces of the people we love
nine inch nails.closer
lcd soudsystem.north american scum
she wants flags and long nights
the take my breath away
klaxons.gravity's rainbow
yeah yeah yeahs.way out
pete yorn.for nancy ('cos it already is)
white rose movement.kick
peaches.boys wanna be her
whitey.intro/into the limelight
tv on the Radio.wolf like me
beastie boys.sabotage
spoon.turn my camera on
alphaville.big in japan
kajagogoo.too shy
nena.99 luftballons, voyage
the between days
the smiths.there is a light that never goes out
nancy sinatra.these boots were made for walking
peter, bjorn & john.young folks

music by Mr. S
music by DJ Drago


Blogger Extravaganza said...

Já não fui a tempo de Beirut :(((

4:23 da tarde, março 30, 2007

Blogger Zorn John said...

Nena! Dios mio, que nostalgia...

5:44 da tarde, março 30, 2007

Blogger myself said...

Aquelas colectâneas dos anos 80 até assustavam, Zorn... :P

6:01 da tarde, março 30, 2007

Blogger O Puto said...

Qui bello!

11:56 da manhã, abril 03, 2007

Blogger Kraak/Peixinho said...

What? Beirut? Não posso com esse gajo, LOLL. Esta foi uma boa sessão, naum? À parte o atrofio da maquinaria pesada, LOLL.

11:58 da tarde, abril 09, 2007


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