In the end it's all nice

domingo, setembro 21, 2008

surprise.sometimes 20.09.2008

notwist.pick up the phone
blonde redhead.dr strangeluv will find you
yeah yeah yeahs.maps
pj harvey.a place called home
rem.crush with the eyeliner
the cure.burn
psychedelic furs.pretty in pink
the the fact
the mary onettes.companion
a place to bury strangers.i know ill see you
she wants flags and long nights
film school.dear me
i love you but ive chosen darkness.lights
love is all.make out fall out make up
les savy fav.patty lee
foals.olympic airways
does it offend you yeah.with a heavy heart
the of jealous lovers crashers
lcd soundsystem.losing my edge
the kills. cheap and cherfull like you mean it
new young pony club.the bomb
tapes 'n' tapes.hang them all
the duke spirit.lassoo
artic monkeys.brianstorm
sons & daughters.guilt complex
the in a trashcan
black lips.katrina
sonic youth.kool thing
pixies.#13 baby
joy division.shadowplay
the mary onettes.void
arcade fire.keep the cars running
spoon.jonathan fisk
tv on the radio.golden age
beck.cellphone´s dead
klaxons.gravity´s rainbow (soulwax remix) doll
beastie boys.3 mc's and one dj
the hives.tick tack bomb´re unbeliavable
nine inch nails.closer
these new puritans.elvis
radiohead.morning bell
!!!.must be the moon
a-ha.take on me
rakes.we are animals
the sharona
the smiths.ask
the shins.australia
the strokes.heart in a cage
weezer.say it ain't so
pavemente.shady lane
bloc party.this modern louve
afghan whigs.uptown again
the stone roses.i wanna be adored,voyage
david bowie.absolute beginners


Blogger rita maria josefina said...

'nix! g'anda 7!!!

12:15 da tarde, setembro 22, 2008

Blogger Mr. S said...

Ainda bem q gostaste! :))
No final o debosh instalou-se e os anos 80 meteram o pé na porta e não quiseram mais sair! :))
Foi uma noite muito fixe!

12:49 da tarde, setembro 22, 2008

Blogger Joao said...

sorry man! desta vez levo falta a vermelho!
mas ainda bem que nao fui ou ía haver molho porque TU FOSTESSS AOS gutter e ainda por cima passastesss afghan .. have mercyyyyyy

6:49 da tarde, setembro 23, 2008


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