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sexta-feira, abril 21, 2006

1991 - The Year Punk Broke

E o ano em que a esquizofrenia me apareceu pela primeira vez!

I went away to see an old friend of mine
His sister came over she was out of her mind
She said Jesus had a twin who knew nothing about sin
She was laughing like crazy at the trouble I'm in
Her light eyes were dancing she is insane
Her brother says she's just a bitch with a golden chain
She keeps coming closer saying "I can feel it in my bones
Schizophrenia is taking me home"

My Future is static
It's already had it
I could tuck you in
And we can talk about it
I had a dream
And it split the scene
But I got a hunch
It's coming back to me

(Sonic Youth - Schizophrenia, a propósito de )


Blogger Mr. S said...

não há palavras pra descrever estes senhores...

11:54 da manhã, abril 21, 2006

Blogger Zorn John said...

kill yr. idols
sonic death
it's the end of the world
your confusion is sex

1:01 da tarde, abril 21, 2006

Blogger O Puto said...

Mais vale um som que mil palavras.

8:00 da tarde, abril 24, 2006


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