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segunda-feira, novembro 19, 2007

surprise.sometimes 03.10.07 - Bar do Bairro

sonic youth.little trouble girl
bat for ashes.what a girl to do
jesus & the mary chain.just like honey
the shins.phantom limb will find you
peter bjorn and john.lets call it off
cold war kids.hang me up to dry
cake.distance soundz
albert hammond transit
clap your hands say yeah.satan said dance
bloc party.hunting for witches
fields.if you fail we all fail
the smiths.girlfriend in a coma
the organ.memoryze the city
the like you mean it
franz ferdinand.darts of pleasure
the dandy warhols.we used to be friends
the is a deserter
the duke spirit.cuts accross the land
i love you but i've chosen darkness.according to plan
joy division.she's lost control
echo and the moon
the cure.close to me
the mary onettes.void
blonde redhead.spring and by summer fall
the national.mistaken for strangers
black rebel motorcicle club.stop
nine inch nails.dead souls i in threesome
pixies.gouge away
...trail of near, how far
noisettes.don't give up
at the drive in.pattern against user
be your own pet.bog
beastie boys.sabotage
tv on the radio.staring at the sun (by ms. oaktree)
!!!.yadnus (by ms. oaktree)
klaxons.golden skans (by ms. oaktree)
nine inch nails.closer
death from above 1979.blood on our hands [justice remix]
radio 4.enemies like us
queens of the stone one knows
eagles of death metal.solid gold
sonic youth.kool thing
arctic monkeys.brianstorm
yeah yeah yeahs.y control
trash palace.metric system
white rose is a number
the rapture.pieces of the people we love
arcade fire.rebellion (lies)
the only live once
interpol.not even jail
the stone roses.wanna be adored
pixies.where is my mind
mão morta.budapeste're unbelievable
faith no more.epic
deus.instant street
morphine.scratch surprises
beirut.postcards from italy
band of horses.funeral
velvet underground.sunday morning


Blogger extravaganza said...

Ena, já nem me lembrava que tinhas metido música neste dia...

10:04 da tarde, novembro 20, 2007

Blogger strange quark said...

Good set! Fica para uma próxima...


12:07 da manhã, novembro 21, 2007

Blogger Mr. S said...

É verdade 'ganza... As folhas andaram um pouco perdidas mas ontem lá apareceram.

tkx sq! Conto ver-te numa das próximas! Sábado combinamos isso! ;)

10:29 da manhã, novembro 21, 2007


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