In the end it's all nice

sexta-feira, julho 21, 2006

You wonder how i recognize you? Some people... just a handful, mind you- give off the tiniest color. It's faint. Like a haze. it's the only thing I ever see in the darkness.

Everyone is forever plaguing me to speak further. Why? What good is it to tell you you are in my every thought from the time I wake?

Sometimes we don't do things we want to do so that others won't know we want to do them.

The world moves for love. It kneels before it in awe.

Why can you not say what is in your head?

Why can you not stop saying what is in yours?


Blogger Zorn John said...

Brutal, Mr. B.! Muito bom! :)

1:15 da tarde, julho 21, 2006

Blogger O Puto said...

Muito bom, este filme. Belo e inesperado, no qual o pormenor revelado no final, tão característico dos filmes de Shyamalan, perde a sua habitual importância decisiva na construção do puzzle.

5:53 da tarde, julho 21, 2006

Blogger Zorn John said...

E isso é fundamental na problemática da apanha da ameixa neo-zelandesa em clima setentrional temperado, com influencias da crise papal do séc XV.


6:43 da tarde, julho 21, 2006

Blogger andalsness said...


10:25 da tarde, julho 21, 2006

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